Your child’s school day just got healthier


Your child’s school day just got healthier!!!  Our nurse Jeri Gooding RN and our PE teacher Mr. Wallace are working to promote healthy eating by improving the food choices that our student’s make.  We are encouraging our children to be healthier by giving tickets out each week on a random day to students that eat a fruit or vegetable at lunch. The ticket is the placed in a raffle at the end of the day and they could win a prize.  We will also be offering a new food for the children to sample at lunch every other week. Allergy lists will be checked prior to this event. Your child has the option to refuse to try the foods. In the past we have tried, Kiwi, Orange Peppers, Blueberries and more. This is a great way to promote healthy eating in our schools.


Some ways you can help at home are

·      Be a good role model and eat healthy foods with your child.

·      Have your child assist with the shopping and preparation of healthy foods

·      Talk to your child about the benefits of eating healthy

Dress Warm!

As the weather starts to change, remember to dress your child appropriately with a coat, hat and gloves.  All students will be sent outside for recess when the wind chill is 10 degress or higher.  Only students with a note from a doctor will be kept inside.  There is no coverage for students who are not dressed properly, so please make sure they come to school ready to play outside.  If your child is ill with any fever, secretions or vomiting, they will be sent home and should not return for 24 hours.  Please refer to the parent handbook for guidelines.
Keep in mind that you may send chapstick or other type lip balm with your student to help protect their lips during these cold, dry winter months.  If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse, Jeri Gooding.

Healthy Snack Guidelines

District 92 has updated the healthy snack guidelines. Click here for a complete snack list.

Welcome from the Nurse's Office

Walsh Parents

Schools play a critical role in the health of our children. At Walsh, we are educating children about healthy choices in foods they eat and staying active. Next year we will be offering healthy food from our lunchroom.  Healthy eating patterns are essential for students to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being. Currently, childhood obesity is at epidemic levels in the U.S.  Our school has adopted a wellness policy to promote a healthy lifestyle. We will offer a variety of materials and resources to assist families in promoting good nutrition and health at home.

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