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In order to ensure the safety of our students, all visitors to District 92 schools are required to present a valid photo ID.  We thank you for your assistance in our efforts to ensure the well-being of all members of the District 92 community.

District Office

708 N State Street

Lockport, IL 60441

Phone:  815-838-8031

Fax:  815-838-8034

Business Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM


Oak Prairie Junior High School

15161 S Gougar Road

Homer Glen, IL 60491

Phone: 815-836-2724

Fax:  815-834-2178

Business Hours: 7:30AM - 3:30PM


Ludwig School (4-5)

710 N State Street

Lockport, IL  60441

Phone: 815-838-8020

Fax:  815-838-3226

Business Hours: 7:30AM - 3:30PM


Reed School (2-3)

14939 W 143rd Street

Homer Glen, IL  60491

Phone: 708-301-0692

Fax:  708-301-6501

Business Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM


Walsh School (PreK-1)

514 MacGregor Street

Lockport, IL 60441

Phone: 815-838-7858

Fax:  815-838-3346

Business Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM


Special Services

710 N State Street

Lockport, IL 60441

Phone: 815-836-7719

Fax: 815-838-1758

Principal's Office

Reed School is an elementary school that houses second and third grades with a population of about 285 students. Reed is located in unincorporated Homer Township in a beautiful and scenic area in northeast Will County as part of Will County School District 92. Reed students and staff pride themselves in the outstanding educational program offered to all of our children. Reed School puts an emphasis on respect - Respect Everyone Each Day – REED!  We also adhere to our three Bs – Be Respectful – Be Responsible – Be Peaceful! We are dedicated to building character, as well as, academics.

Reed School is committed to academic excellence. Our students are exposed to a rigorous academic standard provided by a talented, hard-working, and dedicated staff. Students participate in fine arts throughout their week; students have art weekly and music two to three times per week depending on grade level. All students participate in physical education classes throughout their academic week. The instructional hub of our building is our remodeled library media center, which provides students and teachers the opportunity to utilize 30 Mac Book laptops, as well as, explore our vast assortment of literature and work with our certified library media specialist. The building has wireless connections, so teachers and students can use computers in every classroom. Additionally, our mobile computer and iPad carts allow computer access for students and teachers within the classroom for projects.

Reed provides for the varied learning needs of our students with many support programs.  We have English Language Learner (ELL), Special Education, and Reading Improvement/Title 1 Reading programs.  Additionally, we have a dedicated reading time building-wide called “Walk to Read”.  During this time our entire building dedicates 30 minutes to reading in addition to our 90-minute reading block. Students are participating in flexible grouping moving between classrooms and teachers at their instructional level using supplemental materials.  Reading intervention strategies can be implemented in smaller groups for those students who need extra support in reading. While students, who excel in reading can participate in reading enrichment activities. This program also is part of Reed’s implementation of RTI (Response to Intervention), a program designed to address the needs of individual students with early and intense interventions.

During the year students are provided a variety of experiences through school assemblies and field trips. Reed School has a wide variety of special events throughout the year.  Please see the Special Projects page of this website for a more complete listing of these activities

Teachers will communicate with parents through weekly newsletters posted online; teachers have their own web pages for parents to access current events in the individual classrooms. The Reed School web page is also a great resource for parents and it provides a link to the teacher web pages. Parents can access student grades and teacher emails through our Power School data management system.  All parents have a private password available through our school office for Power School access. 

Cathy Slee, 

Reed School