Principal's Office

Welcome Back Students and Families!
I am so excited to start my second school year with the families at Ludwig School, who have been great partners in our students' education!  It is because of this partnership that our students achieve success!  I will continue to work with you to ensure we work collaboratively and effectively to do all of the things necessary to help your students become successful learners.

The staff at Ludwig is dedicated, caring, and nurturing, which allows our students to feel safe and respected.  I am very fortunate to work with such great educators who put the best interests of kids first!

Along with the staff, I will encourage and foster the academic, social, and emotional growth of your children here at Ludwig.

Even though there have been many changes in education, it is imperative that we continue to work as partners to help our students reach their full potential.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or suggestions you may have.

I look forward to another fantastic school year!

Thanks for all you do, 

Lisa Lyke


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