Board Members

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PRESIDENT, Matthew Dusterhoft
Matthew Dusterhoft was appointed to the Will County District 92 School Board in September 2018. For the last 13 years he has served as the Director of Technology for Lockport Township High School. He is an advocate for a public education system that includes a wide range of curriculum offerings to meet all students needs.  Matthew and his wife have lived in Lockport since 2005 and currently, have 2 children attending the district. Dusterhoft earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and an MBA from the University of Illinois-Urbana. Matthew has completed Open Meetings Act Training, Performance Evaluation Act (PERA) Training, and Professional Development Leadership Training.

Doreen Sweis was elected to the School Board in April, 2013. She is a Speech/Language Pathologist working with adult stroke, brain injury and cancer patients in a hospital setting. Doreen and her husband have lived in Homer Glen for 16 years. Their three children attend District 92 schools. Doreen has been a very active parent volunteer, room mom, co-chair for Santa’s Secret Workshop and District 92 apparel sales coordinator. This has provided her with an opportunity to create a strong rapport with the District 92 community, including parents, teachers and administration. As a school board member, Doreen can advocate for children and assist District 92 teachers and staff to get what they need to succeed. She wants to be an integral part of maintaining the excellence of District 92 schools. She is committed to staying visible in all four schools and maintaining a strong communication and professional respect among the entire District staff and families alike. She enjoys crafts, home decorating and spending time with her husband and three children. Doreen has completed Open Meetings Act Training, Performance Evaluation Act (PERA) Training, and Professional Development Leadership Training.

SECRETARY, James Gorecki
Jim and his wife are lifelong residents of the Lockport area and have been in living in the District for over twenty-six years.  His three daughters are third generation District 92 graduates with the youngest a senior at LTHS, his oldest a graduate of Marquette University and his middle daughter working to complete the nursing program at St. Francis University.  His work still requires extensive travel, but he finds it helpful to gather information about education around the country and his goals have changed little towards his board responsibilities, now working on his third term on the board.  Jim is still focused on keeping spending in line with the budget and getting the most out of our dollars for education now and for the future.  The fact that he still hears people moving into the District for our educational quality speaks volumes of the outstanding programs and staff we have. Jim has completed Open Meetings Act Training, Performance Evaluation Act (PERA) Training, and Professional Development Leadership Training. He has also received recognition from IASB for achieving Master Board Member Level I.

MEMBER, Tom Adamczyk
Tom Adamczyk was elected to the District 92 School Board in April, 2013. Tom is a retired senior executive. He has lived with his family in Homer for 38 years, the last 29 years in Homer Glen/District 92. His two daughters are graduates of both District 92 and District 205 school systems, as well as successful college careers. They continue to live in the District. He has an extensive background in the area of finance and budgets, personnel, transportation, construction and working with unions. He is a staunch advocate of education, but also realizes the current financial problems within the State of Illinois and how it will impact District 92 taxpayers. Tom enjoys horses, restoring old vehicles, collecting antiques and playing the occasional round of golf. Tom has completed Open Meetings Act Training, Performance Evaluation Act (PERA) Training, and Professional Development Leadership Training.

MEMBER, Grant Ferkaluk

, Tim Houlihan
Tim Houlihan has served on the District 92 School Board since May, 2009. Tim has been a Cook County sheriff for the past twenty-three years. He and his wife have resided in Lockport for the past seventeen years and have two sons, both graduates of District 92. His goal is to provide the students of District 92 with the best possible education available, as well as being a voice in the community. Tim has served as President of the District 92 Athletic Association and managed a traveling baseball team for Lockport Boys Baseball.  Tim has completed Open Meetings Act Training and Performance Evaluation Act (PERA) Training.

MEMBER, Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton was elected to the School Board in April 2019.  Jake and his wife Mary, who is a teacher in District 92, have enjoyed living here since 2003.  Two of their three children attend District 92 schools with the youngest starting in a few years.  Jake currently serves as Vice President and head of Information Security Risk Management for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in computer science from DePaul University.  He is committed to creating an environment where students have a strong sense of community throughout their time in D92 and are well prepared to meet the unique challenges they may face.  In addition, he is an advocate of providing our educators the tools and the freedom they need to provide a world-class education to each student.  Helping to shape the District’s strategic vision with an understanding of how technology will affect our students as they prepare for the modern workforce is a key driver for Jake. He has completed Performance Evaluation Act (PERA) Training and Open Meetings Act Training (OMA).