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    If you would like to opt your child out of Erin's Law presentations or sex education components, please inform the school principal before your child has Health Class. Erin's Law is a part of the Health Curriculum at the Junior High. Click here for the Opt-out Form.

    Health and Medical Forms 

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    Your child is sick with a fever...

    Additional information can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

    Lice Information

    When a child is found to have lice or nits he/she will be sent home.  The parents are responsible to remove all lice and/or nits. The school will check other children in the class or school when warranted. All information pertaining to lice is highly confidential and no information will be given to staff or other families. The child will be checked upon returning to school and will not be allowed back until they are lice and nit free.

    Please see the nurse at your school for information regarding lice removal or suggested sites are:



    If your child needs medication at school...

    If you have any questions about which forms to fill out, please call your school's nurse.

    Additional information can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

    Concussion and Head Injuries

    If you feel your child may have a concussion, notify your child's physician. In addition, please notify the student's school nurse with any information or questions you have. 

    Additional information can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

    Is Your Snack a Smart Snack?

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    Welcome to the Department of Nutritional Services

    Our program needs the support of parents & families – make time to talk about the food they eat. Make food interesting & fun!

    Did you know there are more than 10,000 varieties of apples?